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Jul 8

Week 7, day 7. Sunday, July 7th 2013.

Sorrysorrysorry, I haven’t been blogging lately. I know, reblogging isn’t the same. I’m sure all of you are DYING to know what I’ve been up to. Because I’m so awesome and whatnot. … right? lie to me. I am currently on week 7 of my marathon training schedule. 11 more weeks till I’m done!

I had 12 miles scheduled for today (well yesterday, but I pushed it to today). I ran 5 miles this morning and the remaining 7 miles this late afternoon. I originally planned to do them nonstop but, by mile 4ish I was exhausted and felt light headed. Better safe than sorry, yeah?

Here are my macros for today.

•homemade “bfast pizza” (305) brownie (160) •english muffin w. pb (300) icecream cone (300) •two nectarines (130) •quinoa pizza bites (300) •Total: 1,495 calories. **I know, the icecream&brownie were so bad for me. Once in a while is okay though… Er that’s what I’m telling myself. #yolo

Attached below is my schedule. Orange = completed runs. Green = not so much… as you can see, i’ve been really good the past four weeks (give or take 3 runs). I will try to blog weekly, if not daily. Sorry, the quality is terrible. :’(


**first “failed” run this year. Bummed. But glad I came back and logged the remaining miles. Total mileage for this week: 27.4

Sprained ankle.

Capris torn, left knee scraped, right ankle swollen. I’m pretty sure I heard a crack, definitely made a sound. I can’t even walk. Debating if I should go see a doctor tomorrow. I’m more upset than anything.

7 reasons why my monday didn’t suck

  1. Learned a lot about sensory processing disorder kids& their corresponding therapy treatments
  2. OT I volunteer under told me that I will be a great OT! 
  3. Had a killer lunch. GLT baby ;)
  4. Biked 10+ miles in FABULOUS weather (60s in SANFRANCISCO)
  5. Ran 3 miles afterwards (6pm) with the puppy and there was still light out! whaaaaaat
  6. Talked aimlessly to my best friend about nothing over the phone  
  7. Currently eating a banana dipped in PB2

And here is a random photo of my bike: 


Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Recap on day one-seven (today)

Days 1-6 were filled with disappointment! I rather not relive it. The miles are marked on the calendar with the pace under it, if you’re interested. Lets just say that my first run’s stats caught me by surprise (in a bad way), but runs gradually got better as the week went on.

Day7; Crosstrain 6 miles.

Because I was disappointed with my earlier runs, I was pretty worried about this six miler. I use to be able to do double digits, and now three+ miles tire me out. I honestly didn’t know if I could still run six miles anymore.

During the run, my body was telling me I couldn’t complete the run. That I should just walk, and try again next week. My body was telling me to stop. It was hot, hilly, and I was so tired. But I didn’t. Instead, I went into a “fuck this shit I’m running it” mode. and BAM. Six miles, and in a decent pace too.

It really is true, running is 90 percent mental, and the rest is physical.

Slowly getting back to double digits, like the good ol’ days. Be ready for me. :)


My favorite running partner& a map of my run.


Above is Week1’s mileage and pace!

I might sneak in a run on Monday too.Guess you’ll have to TUNE IN TO FIND OUT. ^^v

My running schedule! Depending on how I feel, I might shorten this schedule! :)

My running schedule! Depending on how I feel, I might shorten this schedule! :)


May 5

Semi-fail run?

Today was my 20mi and I only got to 15. ._.;

I think it’s because,

  • I ran the 15 miles solo (I’m use to having a pacer for my last 7.)
  • I started my run at 730pm, it got too dark too fast. 

Good thing about today’s run,

  • Some guy told me he sees me run all the time and he thinks I run a lot! I’m taking this as a compliment :D
  • After 15 miles, i’m barely tired! My endurance must be increasing :)
  • No stomach or leg pains!

I can’t expect it all to be ponies and rainbows, especially after my three consecutive successful long runs (12, 15, 18). I’m not going to let this bring me down, i’m trying again on Tuesday at 6pm WITH a pacer for my last 7. I refuse to give up! 20 miles.. you will be my bitch. Kay, time to shower, stretch, and eat. Bye! 

15 more days till the Pasadena Marathon.

**I’m starting my taper on Wednesday, gives me about a week and a half to lower my mileage. 

May 2

Short run completed!

Proud of myself today. Instead of doing my normal 6.5 mile route (really really wanted to run it), opted out for a 4-5 mile route. you’re welcome knees, just be ready for this weekend’s 20.

Just noticed, my hair is pretty long nowadays… I kinda like it. It’s probably my imagination but it looks like a mini mohawk when I put my hair in a pony tail. YEP, ima badass. 


Deciding how many shot energy gels I need for my last long run! 3? 4? I might even buy GUs because this flavor tastes grosssssssss. :(

**Not that anyone cares.. but the swordfish was yummy!! :)

18 miles? Too ezy.

Just kidding. It was torture! But yay it’s over. :)

Ran 18 miles in 3 hours and 25 minutes. Pace was a bit slower than I wanted, but it’s 18 miles.. what should I expect? Must factor all the stoplights too! I ran it nonstop though (wooooo).

Breakdown of today’s run

Ran first 6.5 miles solo.

Picked up Kam, Phons, and JChan at mile 6.5 (they’re training for the Pasadena half!)

Ran the remaining 11.5 with them.

Total? 18 miles!

Time to shower &eat all the things. One more long run (20 mi) and then it’s .. taper week! :D

*Sorry for the lack of photos, I recently lost my phone. QQ

18 miles at 7pmmmmmmmmmm

Now that I posted this, theres no going back. 

21 days till the Pasadena marathon.

15 miles done.

It’s 11pm and i’m tired. Maybe blog about it later.

Time to stretch. eat. icebath. homework. :)

17/18 miles next saturday, be ready for me !

**Did I mention that the big day is 26 days away? :x 

7 miles completed! IT band feeling a little tight. Gonna stretch.
Please excuse the blurry-ness. Everyone say hi to my friend JChannnnn. He’s training for the Pasadena Half Marathon! wooooooooooooooo! 

7 miles completed! IT band feeling a little tight. Gonna stretch.

Please excuse the blurry-ness. Everyone say hi to my friend JChannnnn. He’s training for the Pasadena Half Marathon! wooooooooooooooo! 

12.09 miles completed.

awwww yeeah. i’m back.

15 miles be ready for me next week. ^.^v

Oh, btw..

Sorry couldn’t help myself. 35 more days till pasadema marathon! :)

Mar 3

Day fiftytwo-fiftyfour recap.

Day52; seven miles Rest day

Did an allnighter, had no energy to run. 

Day53; four Seven mile run

Had to make up my mileage, so I ran seven vs four. Also tested out the clif shots. citrus flavor. First thought it was not that bad, but then the aftertaste came along.. tasted like plastic. But, I ran 7.07 miles in 1:10:19. 9:57 pace. :D +I felt like I still had energy after my run. 

The verdict? I loveeeeeeee energy shots. No upset stomach or anything! Need to try different flavors (I like GU’s flavors a lot more!). But it was free, and beggars can’t be choosers. Definitely taking a few for Saturday’s long run. :)

Day54; rest day 2 miles

Planned to do four miles, only had enough time for two (ran from my apartment to my human anatomy lab). Should have ran earlier. 

I dont know if I have time to do 14 miles today. Midterms and papers are coming up again. Going to the library now. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. :)

Working hard becomes a habit, a serious kind of fun. You get self-satisfaction from pushing yourself to the limit, knowing that all the effort is going to pay off.

- Mary Lou Retton (via robindoesrunning)

(Source: milemarkersoflife)



Woke up at 7AM for my run. what really?! YAWP. Slower pace, but a week hiatus? Reasonable. 

Motivation is back. Thank you for the support everyone!

Made a green smoothie for lunch. Wasuptho.