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Mar 3

Day fiftytwo-fiftyfour recap.

Day52; seven miles Rest day

Did an allnighter, had no energy to run. 

Day53; four Seven mile run

Had to make up my mileage, so I ran seven vs four. Also tested out the clif shots. citrus flavor. First thought it was not that bad, but then the aftertaste came along.. tasted like plastic. But, I ran 7.07 miles in 1:10:19. 9:57 pace. :D +I felt like I still had energy after my run. 

The verdict? I loveeeeeeee energy shots. No upset stomach or anything! Need to try different flavors (I like GU’s flavors a lot more!). But it was free, and beggars can’t be choosers. Definitely taking a few for Saturday’s long run. :)

Day54; rest day 2 miles

Planned to do four miles, only had enough time for two (ran from my apartment to my human anatomy lab). Should have ran earlier. 

I dont know if I have time to do 14 miles today. Midterms and papers are coming up again. Going to the library now. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. :)