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May 5

Semi-fail run?

Today was my 20mi and I only got to 15. ._.;

I think it’s because,

  • I ran the 15 miles solo (I’m use to having a pacer for my last 7.)
  • I started my run at 730pm, it got too dark too fast. 

Good thing about today’s run,

  • Some guy told me he sees me run all the time and he thinks I run a lot! I’m taking this as a compliment :D
  • After 15 miles, i’m barely tired! My endurance must be increasing :)
  • No stomach or leg pains!

I can’t expect it all to be ponies and rainbows, especially after my three consecutive successful long runs (12, 15, 18). I’m not going to let this bring me down, i’m trying again on Tuesday at 6pm WITH a pacer for my last 7. I refuse to give up! 20 miles.. you will be my bitch. Kay, time to shower, stretch, and eat. Bye! 

15 more days till the Pasadena Marathon.

**I’m starting my taper on Wednesday, gives me about a week and a half to lower my mileage.